Tips On How To Keep Your Car in Top Notch Shape

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If you love your car, you will want it to always be at its best shape. There are some conscious steps that you can take to ensure that it stays as good as new every day. They are as simple as ABC and there is no better time to follow them than now.


Your car’s tyres are the single most reason you can move. Respect your tyres. They support a weight more than ten times theirs and still absorb any and all of your driving habits. Keeping them in top shape should not be anything but a priority. Good tyres are Important not only for fuel economy but for safety as well.

To ensure they are in their best shape, rotate your tyres at least every 5000 miles. This will ensure that your car’s tyres wear at an almost equal rate and that you make great savings on tire replacement.

Another important trait of tyres which are in good shape is that their tire pressure is always correct. Over inflation and under inflation are both harmful to the longevity of a car’s tyres.  They also pose a safety risk.

While at checking the tyre pressure, do have a look at your tyres tread depth. When it is evident that they are too low, replace the tyres. Worn out tyres pose a safety risk that is not worth it. The tread patterns may also reveal something about the overall health about your car, so if you notice they are uneven, take the car to a competent mechanic. A mechanic consultation may save you from the detrimental effects of whatever is ailing your car and also potentially increase your tyre life.

Hand in hand with the tyre is the brakes, which basically stop you from colliding with objects. While all car parts are important the importance of well-functioning brakes cannot be understated. To ensure that their functioning capability does not deteriorate faster than necessary, clean them regularly.


When it comes to the engine, the heart of your car, you can expect good results only when it runs smoothly. An engine in bad shape is nothing more than a death trap waiting to happen. You do not want that. It’s better to have a good engine than a good car body. Some of the tasks you can perform to ensure the engine’s runs efficiently are simple and you can do it in a few minutes

One of the simple engine checks you should make is assessing timing belt and accessory drive belt. They are responsible for the smooth running of everything from alternator to the a/c compressor. However they are made of rubber and rubber perishes very fast. It is prudent to check them every 25,000 miles and preferably checked every 50,000 miles.

Another easy task anyone can perform is checking the oil level of a car. It is a simple process that involves pulling out the oil dipstick, wiping it clean with a rag and then re-dipping it so as to check if the oil levels are too high or too low. This is easy because the dipstick is marked with an H and an L indicating whether the levels are high or low. The longevity of your engine is dependent on the quality of your engine oil. The engine oil is critical to good performance of a car. It is responsible for lubricating car parts and ensuring the engine remains cool.  You can never check and or change the engine oil frequently enough but being guided by the oil’s viscosity is a good indicator on the urgency of an oil change

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