How to Not Get Ripped off on Your Car Service Bill

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Whether you like it or not, your newly-bought car will eventually go through wear and tear. Some parts will need to be checked and replaced. Maybe you need new brake pads or your spark plugs need more attention. In any case, you’d need a trip to the garage for a car service.

Each car has different servicing needs. Even if you know your way around your car’s internal parts, you’d still need to tap an expert mechanic’s help from time to time. The problem with a trip to the garage, however, is the ever increasing and baffling cost that comes after. A recent research, in fact, found that garages in the UK today charge a hefty hourly fee of about £92.

Not everyone can afford the increasing cost of car repair and maintenance but there are things you can do to avoid being ripped off.

Do your homework

Like most drivers, you may have absolutely zero knowledge about car maintenance. That’s not entirely a bad thing if you just do your homework. Before making the trip to the nearest garage, take time to read about your car and what you can do when a thing or two go wrong.

Your best bet is to buy a manual for your specific model or you can always troll the internet for more information. Either way, sufficient knowledge is your best armor when dealing with garages and mechanics that are out to rip you off.Also remember that the Citizens Advice Bureau endows you the right to be charged reasonably for car repairs. For a better idea of what’s reasonable, you must be willing to read and keep reading about these things.

Inquire about work and parts guarantees

Before you pick a garage for your repair needs, make sure you ask about guarantees. Reputable garages, in general, offer work and part guarantees for one year. Don’t expect that all garages offer that kind of guarantees. Always ask first before handing over your car and your money.


Always Ask to See Replaced Parts

With car repair’s increasing costs, it is not time to be passive. You need to be more proactive when bringing over your car for repair. If anything needs any replacing, for instance, you should ask your mechanic to show you which parts needed it. Ask about what they did and why they needed to do it in the first place. A good garage or mechanic for that matter will be more than happy to show you the ropes.

Seek for Recommendations

You probably have a family member, friend or neighbor who had a trip to the garage. Ask for their recommendations to help you find a good garage. But again, before you finalize your pick, make sure you checked out several garages on your list of recommendation. Compare their services and fees. Also ensure that your car is a similar type to that of the person who recommended the garage.

Hold on to the receipts

This is not going to be your first trip to the garage so make sure that you keep the receipt for your own records. If you’re planning to sell your car anytime soon, having the receipt for a full service handy will help with increasing your car’s resale value.

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