10 Fuel Saving Tricks You Should Know About

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The cost of fuel is every increasing. Either you let it ruin your budget or do something about it. If you’re the type who’d rather do the latter then the following tips and tricks are some of the best ways you can save up to 20% or even more on your fuel expenses.

Check Air Filter

Do you know that a clean air filer can help improve your car’s gas mileage? Yes, that’s right and by as much as 10% too. Before anything else, make sure your air filter is clean. If it needs replace which one in four cars usually does then go ahead and take care of it.

Maintain Motor

This one’s pretty obvious but some drivers still fail to carry it out. Though you’ll have to pay for the tune in and full car service, consider it an investment that will help with fuel economy as well as ensure that your car stays safe and reliable for the long run. A trip to the garage once in a while for maintenance purposes is recommended for all car owners.

Align tires

Make sure that your tires are also aligned correctly. Bad wheel alignment means faster wear and tear for your tires and they are expensive so better cover this problem while you’re at it. With tires aligned properly, you can expect for the car’s engine to work more efficiently and thereby allowing you to save up to 10% in fuel.

Pump-up Tires

About one in 4 cars have deflated tires. You may be among those people who keep driving anyway even if the tires are already begging to be pumped up. Stop the habit because you can save up to 2.8% in fuel efficiency if you keep your tires well pumped.


Reduce Drag

When driving, you want to increase drag by opening the sun roof or having the windows down especially when you get somewhere at 30 mph. Placing sport equipment on the roof like a surfboard or a bike may also reduce fuel economy. Keep this in mind if you want to save money on gas.

Be a Master Operator

Accelerating quickly or slowly while driving puts a strain on your car motor and may reduce fuel economy. In order to save more on gas, try to learn how to be a smooth operator. Ideally, you should master how to seamlessly take the car to 50 mph within a 15 to 20 second time frame. Once you get to the right speed, aim to maintain the car at a constant pace as that avoids fuel wastage.

Check Gas Cap

Do you know that close to 17% of cars have missing or broken gas caps? And that’s while on the road too. You don’t want to be a part of that statistic. Always check your gas cap because doing so improve fuel economy as this will avoid escaping fumes and air pollution.

Monitor Air Conditioning

Of all the electric gadgets and extras in your car, it is the air conditioner that adds up a lot of load on your car’s motor. To improve fuel economy, you may want to take it easy on the use of your air conditioner. Turn it off when not needed and opt for a low setting if you’re going to use it.

Get off the Brakes

If you’re in the habit of laying your foot on the brake while driving, break that habit now. With your foot on the brake, the pads will not only wear out faster but doing so also increase fuel usage by up to 35%.

Slow Down

We all want to drive fast while on the highway. There’s just a thrill to it that we long for once in a while but do you know that you can reduce fuel usage by 7% for every 5 mph you reduce on your speed? Yes, that’s true so you should slow down too when you can.

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