How to Keep Your Car Safe

A recent study has shown that the rate of car theft in the UK has significantly gone down. In fact, car theft is at a 20-year low according to statistics by the Home Office. While this is good news to many drivers, it is by no means a reason to be slacking when it comes to ensuring that your car is safe and secure at all time. Criminals continue to become more intelligent and devise even smarter ways to bypass all the security measures employed by modern drivers. Let’s look at methods you can follow in order to keep our cars out of reach of would be car thieves.

Where do you keep your car?

One of the main reasons why the stealing of cars continues to become more difficult is the incorporation of technology such as immobilizers and electronic locking systems which prevent the car from starting when the car keys are a distance away. However, it is still of paramount importance to ensure that the location where you park your car is also safe.

One of the ways to do this is to keep your car in a locked garage. In cases where you don’t have a garage you can park it in a driveway and provide ample lighting. This way anyone can see your car pull up. If you don’t have a drive way, you can still park it in a location in front of your house such as the side of the road provided there is also ample lighting. The idea is to always be in a position to see your car.

Keeping your car in a safe location also affects your insurance premiums. Someone who parks their car in a locked garage will pay less insurance compared to one who parks at the side of the road.


Do not draw attention to your car.

Sometimes car theft is an impulse reaction brought about by the realization of something of value kept inside the car. When a thief wants to steal your car what is the first thing they do? Well, they peep through the windows of course. If by some chance there is something they find interesting inside, they will immediately be motivated to break in and may end up taking both the car and the thing of interest inside.

A rule of thumb is to never leave items inside. Also do not leave clutter lying around as this may make the potential thief think that there could be something important in there.

When it comes to keeping your keys safe, do not leave them inside the car. When you do keep them inside the house, always ensure they are kept away from places where someone could access them by breaking in the house. That means away from doors and windows.

What about buying a used car?

Buying a used car as opposed to a brand new car come with its set of challenges. This is mainly because a used car may have a compromised security system depending on how old it is. This may also mean you will have to pay higher insurance premiums.

Certain organizations such as Thatcham give a ranking on the security of the car and this can be very valuable information when deciding to buy a used car. You can compare the score of different cars before choosing the right one for you.

Most car theft can be prevented by creating a routine that you will follow every time you are leaving your car. A routine develops into a habit and this will go a long way into keeping your car safe at all times. When exiting your car, follow the below steps every time;

  • Always lock the doors, windows and sunroof behind you.
  • Never leave anything in the car.
  • Do not keep things locked in the boot.
  • Take any car documents such as driving license and V5 document with you.

So there you have it. Easy ways to keep your car from being stolen. Most cars manufactured past 2010 have an inbuilt tracking system which the police can access in case it is stolen. You can also boost the security of your car by installing a tracking device that will always send information as to the location of your car.

How to Get the Best Deal for Your Logbook Loan

Sometimes unexpected events just come up and leave you in need of a quick short term loan. Sometimes you are left stranded wondering where you are going to get a hold of the cash you need. This is even more difficult if you are thinking of taking a short term loan but you have a bad credit rating. Luckily there are a lot of financial institutions out there with varying terms and conditions and options. One of those options is taking a logbook loan.

While doing so, all you will be required to do is walk into one of the branches of your logbook loan provider and hand in your V5 document. Once approved the money is disbursed within a very short time and the whole process is quick and easy. You can borrow as much as you need and many times you will be able to repay the loan within a month or two.

If during such an unexpected event you do decide that the best option for you is to take a logbook loan, you should know that the amount you are eligible for is to a large extent dependent upon the value of your vehicle. It is important therefore in order to secure the best possible deal for yourself, to be able to maintain your car in the best condition. Let’s now look at how you can do this:

  • Always keep the car well serviced and repaired. A car that has a lot of broken parts and is not in top form will not attract a good price when you are trying to sell it and that goes the same way when it comes to securing a logbook loan. Always carry out regular maintenance that way when submitting your application for a logbook loan, you will be able to get the best value for your car.
  • Ensure that your car has passed its MOT. Getting your MOT certification is fairly easy provided your car is in top form. Failing may mean that your car is not road worthy which will have a drastic effect on its value. Maintaining the vehicle in top condition will help with its MOT certification and improve your chances of getting a logbook loan.
  • Brush up on your paperwork before applying for a logbook loan. By having all the necessary documentation ready, such as the V5 registration document, proof of citizenship and proof of your ability to pay back the amount mainly through bank statements and pay slips, you will play your part to help speed up the process and get your money within a relatively short time.

When taking a logbook loan, ensure that you understand fully the terms and conditions on the loan such as your repayment period, the interest you will be paying back, the periodic amounts you will be paying and the consequences for not paying back your loan on time. To take the logbook loan you will need to be the legal owner of the car and it has to be more than 500 pounds in value. Short term loans usually have high interest rates and you need to be sure you can repay the full amount.

Make sure your lender is a member of a trade body and adheres to its code of practice and conduct and keep in mind the cons of taking a logbook loan in mind at all times. These are;

  • You lack the same consumer protection as found in a hire purchase agreement
  • It’s easy to lose your car in case you can’t pay back the logbook loan. When taking the loan, you hand over ownership of the car to the lender.

That said, once you are well versed in the conditions surrounding and necessary to take a logbook loan, you can go ahead and apply for one as it may be a sure fast way to get you out of your current situation and help you sort out your short term issues.