Classic Cars Pros and Cons

Classic cars’ beauty depend on the eye of the beholder.  While some marvel at the cars of old, others simply scoff. How they are perceived is solely dependent on a person’s individual preferences.  However, they, just like many other things, are a double-edged sword. Considering them a must-have or dismissing them in their entirety is not a decision that should be made without a complete picture of the effect of the cars on their owners.


Classic cars are very much unlike modern day cars which depreciate in value over time. These cars share the unique quality of appreciating in value over time.  This means owning a classic car is very comparable to owning a piece of art, an investment. As long as the car is well taken care of, your car will have you smiling all way to the bank if you resell it in the future. This is definitely something to keep in mind when mulling over classic cars. They may not look it but they do not come cheap. Purchasing one which is in good condition may cost you an arm and leg. This may be due to the hotcake demand that surrounds them or the tendency in the world to regard outdated inventions as relics, there is no clear-cut answer. What is known is there are classic enthusiasts willing to pay big bucks for a classic car without a bat of an eyelid.


One of the drawbacks of a classic car is the expensive cost of keeping it running. Maintaining it is no walk in the park.  In an increasingly modern-car world, classic cars are a rarity. Their needs may not be readily available. It may prove extra costly and to be a hassle to meet these needs. Additionally, the frequency with which you need to make these maintenance tasks will be higher than those of a modern day car. Due to their age, their level of efficiency is lower than that of modern-day cars making their servicing needs more frequent and the effect of lack of, more damaging. It may also be important to note that their age also limits the number and type of mechanics that can be trusted to perform maintenance. Not any Tom, Dick or Harry can handle this car. The rarity of competent mechanics has the added disadvantage of inflating the price of simple maintenance jobs. It would be prudent therefore to learn a few one and twos on some of those tasks due to the nature of their frequency if you want to save on costs.


Another edge that classic cars have is their unique style. They come from an age where car models were not homogenous because car shapes had not yet been standardized. Cars from different manufacturers were extremely distinguishable. The same goes for car models. This is very unlike today’s cars where there is hardly a difference between different manufacturers and/or models. Modern day cars are pretty much a lot of the same thing. Furthermore, since they are also not being manufactured anymore, they are still an awe to behold and still reveal the character of the owner from a mile away. A quality that classic car enthusiasts chase.

No mod-cons

Another disadvantage is that they have no modern day conveniences. This is something that is easily overlooked but important to remember. These cars were built in the age where car functions were largely in control of the driver. A lot of the functions that are automated now were not then. Therefore, you should not be expecting an automatic transmission system in a classic car among other automated features. In fact you should expect detrimental effects in the event of a manual error.