Simple Ways to Make More Money

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We could all use a little extra money in our bank accounts at the end of each month. Whether it be to help you pay some bills, or just so you have a little more money to spend on yourself, more money is always nice. If you find yourself struggling each month to get by, and you are looking for ways to get a little bit more cash, below are some simple tips to get you started.

  • The first advice we can offer is to try and make more money at your job. This means either asking for a raise, or offering to work more hours. While a raise may be easier said than done, it can’t hurt to ask. If you have been a reliable employee for a decent amount of time, then the company will likely consider giving you the raise you ask for. If not, consider working overtime a couple of hours a month to make a little more money.
  • Secondly, if you can’t make more money at your current job, consider getting another. This means either applying for a better job to replace your current one, or to take on a second job. Even just a couple hours a week part time at another location will really help pad your budget at the end of the month.
  • Don’t want to work at another job? Consider starting your own business. You probably have a set of skills that are marketable, and you can provide them to others for a fee. Maybe you can start a business where you do handiwork at people’s homes, or you can start a business where you plan parties for people. Think about what you are good at and try to come up with a why that you can make some money from it. This strategy will take a bit more time to implement, but it could be very lucrative in the future.
  • Another option is to have a garage sale. You probably have a lot of useless junk piling up around your home. While each item by itself might not fetch much, if you sell a lot of them you could have yourself a nice sum of money when you are done. This is not a sustainable option, since once you sell everything you are done, but it is a nice option to get some cash for this month.
  • Lastly, if there is simply no way to increase the amount you are bringing in, your other option is to reduce the amount you are spending. This will have the same effect as adding to your income. If you don’t already, prepare a monthly budget that includes everything you spend and everything you earn on it. Go over it carefully and think about where you can afford to cut back a little. Maybe taking public transportation a few times a month instead of driving will save you on gas, or maybe you can have a few more meals at home instead of eating out. If you can cut back on the things you don’t really need, you’ll have more money left over from your income to spend it on the things you do need.


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