Why is it Hard to Save Money?

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There are those people who make it seem like saving should come naturally in every person, and here we go feeling guilty and asking ourselves why saving for us is like studying a second language. We couldn’t master it even if we’ve been trying for years. If you’ve just checked your account lately and are now wondering why you only have that amount at this point in your life, perhaps these are the same difficulties you’ve been experiencing just like the rest.

You feel like you don’t earn enough

This is the most common complaint of anyone who’s having difficulty saving money. However, in reality, the more income you earn, the more likely your spending will increase, so income is not always exactly the culprit. While getting another job can help you save more, it’s not always necessary, as you can just simple review your expenses and cut back where needed. But of course, every additional cent is welcome in your pocket.

You Think Saving Requires a Lot of Time

True that it might be hard to balance work and family alone, and creating a budget or hunting down bargain deals and coupons are not really welcome additions to your endless tasks. It’s true that you have to spare some time and effort in planning how to save money, but you don’t need to do it all at once. Start with baby steps and seek improvement over time. Perhaps you can even pass on this job to a money-savvy partner if you really have no time, but never go around living without a budget.

You Don’t Make Use of Your Free Time Wisely

Sure we are all entitled to relax and enjoy especially after a week of stressful work. But spending your whole weekend in front of the TV or internet may be too much of enjoyment right? Saving money calls for being productive, and those hobbies are remotely productive. It’s not saying that you should keep away from any screen altogether, but perhaps you should consider whether it’s worth the time, energy, and electricity spent on them.

You don’t always have to go around and wait tables whenever you have free time, but consider using this spare moment to further contribute to your saving goals. Perhaps you should sit and review your expenses in the past week, and make changes to the coming week’s plan. Or maybe you may want to list down items you have to buy at the grocery, and other errands you need to accomplish and schedule them on the same day to save up on gas. These things won’t strain you and it’s unlikely that you’ll get tired during your day off.

You Forget to Have Fun

Most who fail in the saving department often forget the element of fun and rather become stressed and worn-out. Cost-cutting may not be the most enjoyable hobby in the world, but just imagine how fruitful and happier you will be if you were able to save some money for the things that you enjoy.

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