Tying the Knot on a Budget

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While one always wants their wedding to become unforgettable, it can either drain all of your savings or put you in debt. These tips can help you prepare a great wedding without having to break the bank. 

Trim Your Guest List

Perhaps this is the part where you can cut cost the most, since the number of your guests will dictate pretty much everything. Don’t feel obliged to invite all of your colleagues or the most distant relatives. Don’t be pressured to let your friends bring their dates or their children. Having 200 guests instead of just 100 can force you to spend more not just on catering, but on souvenirs, invitations, center pieces, etc. Besides the more guests you have, the bigger venue you should reserve, and the more hours to spend before finishing the ceremony, all of which can rack up the cost.

Cut Costs on Food

Shop around for caterers and be honest with your budget. They may be able to make adjustments on the menu and drinks. A brunch or luncheon buffet may also be cheaper than a seated dinner. You may also want to consider catering all or part of the reception, perhaps provide your own wine instead of a full bar.


By thinking outside the box, you can have a unique but low-cost or no-cost at all location for your wedding. Check on forest preserves, local and national parks, or even your own backyard and see what you can do to make the scenery unforgettable. If you don’t want to do the hard work though, inquire about all-inclusive packages with wedding, reception, and honeymoon included.

Get Married When it’s Off Season

Instead of marrying in June, consider marrying in other months when the deals are cheaper. Also set the date during weekdays or Sundays since there are less demands during these days.

Save on Attire

Instead of purchasing through a traditional bridal salon, consider buying attires from an outlet or online auctions. You may also rent a gown or purchase through a discount gown retailer or buy a once-worn gown. For an added sentimental value, you may ask for your mother or mother-in-law to pass their bridal gown on to you.

Save Money on Decorations

For Church weddings, consider getting married near a major holiday so that the Church will already be decorated. You may also want to get wed on a beautiful garden, home, or even an art museum. If you have a skill in decorating, perhaps you can buy flowers in bulk and arrange them yourself. Also consider a simple candlelit ceremony which is equally romantic but inexpensive.


For most savings, consider printing your invitations from your own computer rather than paying for engraving. Nowadays, you can find beautiful printed papers from stationery stores which are meant for wedding invitations. You may also find many tips online on how to create your own wedding favors. Just be patient and creative and you’ll be able to make these memorable and personal.

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