How to Save on Transportation Costs?

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If you think buying a car is expensive, that’s not actually the only cost that you’ll have to worry about. Aside from your auto loan repayments, you’ll have to spend money on car insurance, repairs, and most especially gas. These are just some of the easy ways which when combined can help save you a lot on transportation expenses. 

Keep weight off your vehicle. Too much weight requires extra effort from your engine, and so thus consumes more fuel. Be sure to keep your car light by emptying your trunk, back seats, and remove all things that are not necessary. If possible, also keep your tank only partially full.

Compare gas prices. Don’t just have your tank refilled at the most convenient station. Gas prices vary between different stations within your place, so make sure to check prices if you want to see significant gas savings.

Do not stop and start rapidly. You should try to keep steady accelerations and decelerations, as stomping on the brakes too fast can waste momentum and stomping on the accelerator can waste gas.

Schedule your errands. One of the no-brainer ways to save up on fuel is to multitask on your trips. Do several tasks at once so you’ll burn less gas instead of spacing your travels.

Use maps before going to unfamiliar places. Not only does getting lost along the way can cost you time, but a lot of fuel as well.

Make adjustments to your work schedule if your job allows it. For example, if you work 40 hours per week, ask your employer if it’s allowed to work four ten-hour days instead of five eight-hour working days. In addition, consider bringing your job at home and communicate via phone or email. Many jobs nowadays can be performed without actually going to the office so just ask your employer if it’s allowed.

Use gas cards. Using gas cards at your favorite station can help reduce the high cost of fuel over the long term through rebates. This can also help build up your credit score if you don’t have any credit cards yet.

Carpool as often as you can. This is one of the easiest ways to save huge cash on transportation. You can ask colleagues who live nearby or inquire about carpooling services in your city. Not only can you save money, but it can reduce wear and tear on your vehicle.

Keep your car for as long as you can. While driving a new car is one of your greatest goals, you should think twice before replacing your auto. Of course, you should consider repair expenses against the cost of a new vehicle. If you’ve been spending more on repairs and definitely need to replace your vehicle, consider buying a used one instead.

Consider public transportation. Using the bus or subway can help you save cost in a number of ways. By using public modes of transport, you can save money on gas, parking space, car maintenance, and possibly even reduce your insurance rates because you’ll be using the car less.

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