How to Save Money While in College

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Purchase Used Books

Buying new university books can be very costly, and unfortunately it’s hard to survive college without them. To save costs, hit used bookstores wherein you can find heavily discounted books. You may also want to check the internet for second hand books. In addition, you can check with some of your friends who may have taken the same subject and ask if you can borrow their books.

Explore Other Modes of Transportation

While driving with your own car can be very convenient, you might want to save money that you’d rather spend on gas, maintenance, and parking spaces. If it’s easy access enough, use the subway or bus. If your university provides free shuttle services for students, you can use that too. If it’s not convenient to use other systems, carpool with your friends. You may also walk or ride a bicycle if your school is near enough.

Select the Right Meal Plan

Students who live on-campus may be required to purchase meal plans. The price depends on what you eat, how much you eat, and how often. Decide if it’s worth it. Also consider prepping your meals and bringing some in school so you only need to purchase smaller meal portions.

Set Up a Student Checking Account

Typically, you can open student checking accounts which allow you to avoid withdrawals and fund transfer fees, and only require minimum account balance. In addition, it is ideal that you become financially responsible and track your saving and spending habits while still in college.

Explore Cheap Activities for Your Free Time

Though you want to spend money, it is your right to have fun while in college. While hitting the bars, cafés, going shopping or watching movies may all sound synonymous to fun, there are other worthwhile activities you can do for leisure. You may hit the library, ride a bike around town, have a picnic, play Frisbee, or step it up further and do volunteer work.

Work Part-Time

To save more money for the things that you want, consider getting a part-time gig. The workload doesn’t have to be very demanding. You can check with a college restaurant and see if you can wait tables. You may also want to work at your university library. Aside from the extra earnings, there’s peace and quiet and you can even study your lessons while working at the same time.

Obtain the Right Mobile Phone Plan

Nowadays, it’s hard to go by without a mobile phone, and besides, your parents probably won’t let you either. If you’ll consider a phone as a necessity rather than a luxury, you can be wise with your usage. Instead of getting a high-end phone contract, consider an inexpensive gadget with just the right amount of minutes and texts that you need. If you really want another unit, you might be better off saving up for it and buying it outright. Additionally, you can join your parents in a family plan for great discounts, and possibly with unlimited calls and texts.

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