Who we are?
If you need money badly but your credit report has made it impossible for you to loan that much-needed cash, you are very lucky to have found our site! Here at SimpleLogbookLoan, we can help you raise cash fast through logbook loans. Our service will help you find the best logbook loan lender so you can release the money from your vehicle without any hassle.

To get started, simply complete our 60-second form to get a quote. An FCA regulated logbook loan lender will get back to you immediately and guide you through the process of getting the loan that covers your needs.

What we do?
We understand the various life situations that have caused you to have poor credit, and we know that there are a lot of times when it isn’t your fault. We believe that your past mistakes or problems shouldn’t be the basis on how to gauge your ability to borrow and pay back in the future.

We work in partnership with two of the largest logbook loan lenders in the UK. They consider applications from borrowers with a less than perfect credit score. Even if you’ve had repossessions or court judgments, they might be able to help you borrow the money that you need provided you are eligible and can afford the repayment.

How Logbook Loans Work?
If the US has car title loans, UK has its very own logbook loans. As the term suggests, “logbook loans” are loans secured against your vehicle’s V5 document or “logbook”. The logbook lender will take possession of the vehicle’s V5 document, so that the car’s ownership will be transferred temporarily to the lender until the borrower has repaid the debt back in full.

Because of the loan being secured against your car, logbook loans have become the perfect borrowing option for vehicle owners with a poor credit report. All you need is a roadworthy vehicle under your legal ownership and you can borrow from £550 to £50,000. Getting approved is fast and easy, and you could drive away with your money the same day!

All you have to do to get started is complete our short online form. One of our lenders will contact you within minutes to discuss your requirements and arrange for you to meet with them. Appointments typically take less than 60 minutes and best of all you can get cash up to £5,000*. Best of all, you can keep driving your car!

Who Needs a Logbook Loan?
Logbook loans have become extremely popular for people with poor credit. If you’ve got refused a loan elsewhere, a logbook loan can be your perfect option because of the easy application process and your money can instantly be available.

If you need cash urgently, logbook loans can give you the quickest solution. The logbook loan process is fast and easy. You could get the cash you require same day which is perfect if you’ve had an accident, medical expense to pay, or even if you need to pay for your car’s repair or maintenance.

Those who have little credit history or are self-employed can also benefit from V5 loans. Unlike more traditional loan providers, logbook lenders focus on your ability to afford the repayments rather than dwelling solely on your credit score. If you don’t have a regular proof of income such as pay slips to show, you can still borrow money so long as you have bank statements to prove that you are able to repay the loan.

What are the Logbook Loan Benefits?
First and foremost, logbook loans consider borrowers of different types of credit, from little to no credit history, to poor credit cases including CCJ’s. Even though there’s a higher price to pay for a logbook loan, this is definitely worth it if it means you are getting awarded the money that you aren’t able to secure anywhere else, and in the soonest time possible!

Aside from this, you can keep your car even while under the loan. This is particularly important if you constantly travel or are simply used to the convenience of driving your own vehicle. As long as your payments are up to date, your car stays in your possession.

V5 loans also offer the most flexible payment schemes. You can choose between weekly and monthly repayments depending on your income schedule. In addition, you can either spread out the duration of your loan so you don’t struggle with payments or pay off the loan early if you can afford it, without penalty.

Logbook loan application is also quick and easy. If you need fast cash, all you have to do is simply fill in our online form for a quote.

*Cash payment is subject to loan amount and geographical restrictions. If payment cannot be made in cash, funds will be sent via same day bank transfer.

SimpleLogbookLoan is not a lender but a licensed credit broker that introduces borrowers and lenders for the purposes of entering into logbook loan agreements. SimpleLogbookLoan does not charge customers a brokers fee but receives commission from the lender.